What are NANO glass composite sheets and how are they made?

This new generation of aluminum composite sheets has the ability to combine the P.V.D.F coating with micro or nano structure, which results in a sheet with super dust repellency and anti-moisture along with the unique feature of stunning shine.

In some projects, silicone sealant is used, which over a long period of time due to raindrops creates black stains that are very difficult to clean.

After that, it strongly affects the appearance of the facade. Currently, nano nanobond composite sheets have solved this problem.

This superior technology provides the possibility that dust particles in the air do not remain on the surface of the sheet, and with the help of raindrops, the surface of the sheet is cleaned and the shiny surface of the composite sheet is visible again, and as a result, the cost of cleaning the facade is high. Savings are made.

Advantages of nanobond composite aluminum sheet

The external surface of nano-high glass nanobond composite sheets with the benefit of superior nano technology has a more dazzling gloss and shine than ordinary P.V.D.F sheets.

In addition to having excellent properties such as good strength, fire resistance, various colors, etc., the nano nanobond composite aluminum sheet also has unique properties such as long-term cleanliness, resistance to acid and alkaline substances due to the presence of a layer of nano paint. Are .

This superior technology brings a remarkable gloss with a metallic surface to these products, which, while giving a special effect and shine to the facade of the projects, brings easy cleaning due to the slippery surface (like the surface of a lotus leaf), which is Many prominent designers and architects have been welcomed.

Applications of nano nanobond composite aluminum sheet

  • Covering the exterior of the building
  • Covering and restoring old facades
  • Interior decoration and design
  • Covering the roof of gas stations
  • The level below the shop signboard
  • Fast design and implementation of exhibition stands
  • Covering the roofs for protection due to the strength and resistance of the composite

Additional information

Standard dimensions

125 x 320

The size of each sheet

4 square meters

Weight of each sheet

18 to 20

Warranty of the panel shell

5 years

Economy shell warranty

10 years

Warranty and insurance of two tenths

15 years + 10 years insurance policy

Warranty and insurance of the third layer

15 years + 10 years insurance policy

aluminium alloy


Product code (sheet)


Aluminum tolerance



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