Composite aluminum and work deficit and color difference

In any project with aluminum composite materials, the meterage should be accurately calculated and if possible, ordered and purchased in 1 part, and efforts should be made to finish the project in the shortest possible time, the coil of each color and code is always in Each brand is fixed, but in each order, coils […]

Aluminum composite and glue

Mastic sealant for the implementation of nanoband composite aluminum sheet Sealant mastic glue is a type of liquid sealant that heals in an elastic state, so it has good flexibility when holding two surfaces that are connected together. Mastic is usually used in construction projects as glue and sealant. Wood, aluminum, glass, marble and board […]

Composite aluminum and purchase

Following the recognition of composite as one of the popular materials used in building facades and composite facades, domestic manufacturers have also started producing and selling these sheets, so that today various brands offer this product. It is necessary for the applicants to purchase these building materials in order to implement the composite facade. The […]

Aluminum composite and design

1- The initial design of the project (3D-3D) with the request of the client and the opinion of Mehmar’s engineer with the appearance of the existing building and according to the capabilities of the composite sheet and glass. 2- The appearance of the building is recorded using advanced cameras and its information and dimensions are […]

Composite aluminum and waterproofing

In general, there are three types of sealing of the facade of the building through the composite facade: Sealing rubber: The thickness of these tires is slightly larger than the groove and is made of silicone or PVC, and silicone glue is used to keep it stable for a long time. Silicone foam and glue […]

Aluminum composite and regiment installation

آلومینیوم کامپوزیت یکی از بهترین و خاص ترین نوع از نمای ساختمان است. The facade of the building, which is made with this material, has a special effect and has a reasonable cost. This is why many office buildings and even universities use this type of material in creating facades. There are various methods for […]

Composite aluminum and fixed installation

Paying attention to the facade of the building has been of interest for many years in the world and especially in Iran. However, in today’s world, the importance of the facade of the building is more than before, and special care must be taken in choosing the facade of the building. One of the types […]

Advantages of aluminum composite sheet

Simple implementation and installation in the facade of the building Due to its low weight and high flexibility, aluminum composite sheet is one of the easiest building materials to be used in the facade. Cutting, bending, drilling operations can be done with the simplest and least expensive equipment. It is very welcome in tall buildings […]

History of aluminum composite sheet

Composite sheets were invented for the first time in Germany, and the wide acceptance and use of these products as one of the materials used in the facade of the building indicates the appropriate quality and the absence of any restrictions in its design and implementation. In the first decade of this century, this material […]