Code 124 matte agricultural green PVDF


What are PVDF composite sheets and how are they made?

Aluminum composite sheet is considered one of the newest and newest examples of technology in the global facade industry.

PVDF composite sheets generally refer to sheets that consist of two surfaces or aluminum layers around a polymer that is located in the middle core. Polymers that are placed in the center of the middle core of two aluminum are called thermoplastics.

PVDF coating is the element of this product that makes it stand out from other products in the aluminum composite sheet product category. It is also the most important step in the production process of this type of product because it complements the aluminum composite sheet and provides additional features to this material.

Applications of PVDF composite sheets

  • Covering the exterior of the building
  • Covering and restoring old facades
  • Interior decoration and design
  • Covering the roof of gas stations
  • The level below the shop signboard
  • Fast design and implementation of exhibition stands
  • Covering the roofs for protection due to the strength and resistance of the composite

Additional information

Standard dimensions

125 x 320

The size of each sheet

4 square meters

Weight of each sheet

18 to 20

Warranty of the panel shell

5 years

Economy shell warranty

10 years

Warranty and insurance of two tenths

15 years + 10 years insurance policy

Warranty and insurance of the third layer

15 years + 10 years insurance policy

aluminium alloy


Product code (sheet)


Aluminum tolerance



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